First Look At St John & Plahuta’s Spooky Troop The Musical

First Look At St John & Plahuta's Spooky Troop The Musical

Spooky Troop, the monster franchise from Stewart St John and his Metro Media Factory, was recently workshopped as a musical!  Stewart and Michael wrote all the music and lyrics for this new show.  Check out the promo video featuring the characters and Anna Bella Foster singing St John & Plahuta’g “Nevermore (The Scary Fairy Song)”.

Spooky Troop The Musical follows the story of a group of teen monster misfits.  The story begins with Valerie Van Vleet, a teenage vampire who doesn’t fit in. She’s at odds with her mother the Countess, in trouble with the vampire council for her “Stop The Fanging” campaign, and, according to her mom, “hangs with all the wrong kids in Asterlin” (i.e., the ones who get along, despite their monster backgrounds). On top of that she’s an intellect who enjoys reading and wants “peace” in a divided netherworld — which cements Valerie as the ultimate outsider.

Her circle of friends, who she code-named the “spooky troop” when they were kids, are pretty much the same. They all dream of a life where they can make a difference, and fantasize about a world where races of monsters get along instead of being at war with each other.